New York

Ranking Highlights

2018 RankChange from Baseline
Overall Ranking18+6
Access and Affordability13+4
Prevention and Treatment29+5
Avoidable Hospital Use and Cost460
Healthy Lives10+3
Medicaid ExpansionYes


New YorkAverage
Total Population19,509,455318,251,368
Median Household Income$70,531$62,470
Below 200% of Federal Poverty Level (FPL)31%32%
% White Race, Non-Hispanic56%61%
% Black Race, Non-Hispanic14%12%
% Other Race, Non-Hispanic11%9%
% Hispanic Ethnicithy19%18%
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Top Ranked Indicators

  • Individuals with high out-of-pocket medical spending
  • Deaths from suicide, alcohol, and drug use per 100,000 population
  • Employee health insurance contributions as a share of median income

Bottom Ranked Indicators

  • 30-day hospital readmissions, ages 18–64, per 1,000 employer-insured enrollees
  • Hospital patients who did not receive patient-centered care
  • Employer-sponsored insurance spending per enrollee

Most Improved Indicators

  • Home health patients who did not get better at walking or moving around
  • Nursing home residents with an antipsychotic medication
  • 30-day hospital readmissions, age 65 and older, per 1,000 Medicare beneficiaries

Indicators That Worsened the Most

  • Hospital 30-day mortality
  • Employer-sponsored insurance spending per enrollee
  • Adults without all age- and gender-appropriate cancer screenings

Comparison with the U.S. Average

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